Frequently Asked Questions

What is the approach South Beach Signals takes on investing in the crypto sphere?

  • The South Beach Signals team approaches trading in the crypto sphere with patience, investigation and diligence.
  • The team only undertakes trading aggressively on crypto currencies, and their underlying technology, that will have a sustainable future. We believe these particular basket of coins will surely appreciate in price over the long term (1+ year) horizon.
  • These coins that we have thoroughly scrutinized are then added to our list that our trading algorithm analyzes. The list of winning coins can/will be modified in the traders favor periodically, in order to keep up with the fast pace of the crypto market.
  • The trading algorithm is based on the Japanese, Ichimoku trading system, namely, breakout trend trending.
  • Although we believe strongly in our trading philosophy, sometimes trades can go awry, that is just the nature of the beast. In the event that a trade based on the algorithm occurs, a limit sell order is place on that position for future profits. In the event, the trade is a profitable one. Our trading algorithm will ride the trend for as long as possible. This is by design, in order to maximize profit per trade and minimize number of trades in consideration of the exorbitant exchange fees.
  • Essentially, the entire aggressive growth trading strategy is an elaborate Buy & Hold Strategy; which seeks to capitalize on breakout trends, over a scrutinized basket of crypto currencies, in which we feel confident will surely appreciate over the long term horizon.

The total crypto currency portfolio is divided into three sub portfolios:

  • Aggressive Growth
  • Long term ALT coins
  • Long term Major coins

This diversified approach to a crypto portfolio is the key to risk mitigation while maximizing returns.

How does one utilize the South Beach trade signals?

  • Our trading bot is currently monitoring the Bittrex Exchange 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is tirelessly analyzing over 35+ crypto prices in our trading algorithm for the perfect time to BUY and/or SELL a position for our gains.
  • Currently, we analyze all of our coins on two time period candles: namely the 30 min and 60 min candles. Both candle periods are monitored in order to capture the highest potential for trade opportunities.
  • Once a trading position has been opened with a ‘buy’ signal, trade duration  can last from anywhere from multiple minutes to multiple days.
  • For the time being, we only offer services for coins available on the Bittrex Exchange. If the coin is also listed on another exchange the trading can be utilized for manual trading. We are hoping to expand to more exchanges in the future.

What is the minimum crypto balance suggested I use? What are the expected returns?

  • A simple estimated number, is that you have $10,000 or more in your crypto currency portfolio, and you are looking to take you gains to the next level.
  • In regards to expected returns, historical performance is not an indicator of future performance. We are striving for a 5+% return weekly over the long term, through both the aggressive growth trading and our ALT coin portfolio accumulation. The returns of any given period of time are solely dependent on the market swings. We are confident that the system will produce significant profits over a 1+ year period of time.

Do I just let the automated trading bot manage my entire crypto portfolio?

That’s a negative ghost rider.

  • First, we advise only utilizing crypto for trading that you are willing to lose. There are inherent risks associated with keeping any crypto currency on the exchanges, since they are in control of the keys to the wallets. There is also a risk of these exchanges being hacked, as they are high profile targets.
  • Secondly, we approach the investing in crypto sphere from a risk averse mentality. We suggest a breakdown of your overall crypto portfolio into the following segments: cold hodls portfolio (long term crypto positions we hold over 1+ year of the majors coins, ALT hodls portfolio (long term crypto positions we hold over 1+ year of the lesser coins, and the aggressive growth crypto trading portfolio (powered by the South Beach Signals bot).

How much BTC do I allocate per trade?

This depends on several factors.

  • How much liquid BTC are you willing to allocate for trading purposes?
  • How much risk and volatility are you comfortable undertaking?
  • Do you have reserve BTC in the event that all of your trading BTC is sitting in alts?

These and other questions need to be addressed before reaching an optimal amount for your personal account. We provide an excel sheet and will help walk you through the correct settings that are suggested tailored to your goals.

Would the ALTs coins on the bot's list be the ones recommended to buy and hodl this very minute?

  • Yes, we are comfortable holding the white listed coins in a buy and hold strategy.  It is not recommended to run off and purchase all of these coins outright immediately.
  • We suggest waiting for dips in the market trends that present an opportune time for entry into the positions. Accumulation of our ALT portfolio can unfold in two different ways. One, we can accumulate them manually into our portfolios by watching the crypto chat telegram channel and/or the announcement channel to watch for when it’s time to add to our ALT portfolio.
  • Secondly, we can choose to forgo the limit sell order automatically created by our bag manager feature in our aggressive growth account and we can be “move” these positions over to your ALT portfolio in order to build that portfolio up.  This does take some manual management on the part of the user, but it’s not as time intensive and/or time critical as the day trading functionality we provide on the aggressive growth account.

How much is a subscription?

  • For the first 100 subscribers, the cost is only $299 / month equivalent in either Bitcoin or Litecoin only.
  • What is included in the subscription:
    • A managed account on our server that will automatically monitor your crypto currency account and execute trade signals 24/7.
    • Access to four telegram channels:
      • South Beach Crypto Chat – 24/7 live market analysis and crypto trading coaching
      • South Beach Signals – All trade signals executed by the bot
      • South Beach Heartbeat – Live monitor of opened Positions
      • South Beach Announcements – Important Messages and manual trade signal calls for long term growth
    • CryptoVision Bot
      • CryptoVision is the personal Telegram bot made for South Beach Signals community traders to monitor their Bittrex accounts. This bot is loaded with features that make keeping an eye on your account a breeze! Check Bittrex account balances, open orders and more, from the comfort of the telegram app.

Is this financial advice?

South Beach Signals does not provide financial advice. We serve as entertainment only. Please consult a professional financial adviser before risking our assets into any market or financial instrument.